Las Gardenias

Interior / Exterior / Minimalistic / Night / Design / Luxury / Villa / Elegant / Furniture / Pool

We received a quite challenging  commission from our clients, FERCOLAN architects, to create a very realistic and detailed visualization of the 3 luxury villas project that They were designing in Marbella, southern Spain. The images should be elegant when speaking about the architecture but at the same time they should work well as a commercial product.


In close collaboration with the architects we decided to go for a clean, contrasty and colorful midday sunny mood for the exterior shots, that will show the building illuminated under the bright sun of Andalusia. For the interiors we went for a very clean and minimalistic interior design that should not compete in excess with the architecture.

All the elements that can be seen in the scene are 3D models, no 2D postproduction except from minor levels tweaing and color grading.


We are very happy with our collaboration with FERCOLAN and with the result of this visualization project. We think that we managed to achieve powerful direct images that tell the design in a very elegant and bright style.

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